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I'm featured on page 45 of the Ulster County Magazine Jan./Feb. 2014 issue.

Read what Raymond J. Steiner had to say about my art in the Art Times.

I LOVE what people say about my work!
Here are some of your comments.
Click on any of the underlined quotes below to read the whole letter.

"Your work is exquisite. I am so proud to wear the necklaces and bracelet that you made and to tell people who the artist is."

— Cornelia Seckel (Art Times Editor)

"I have to comment again! There are "artists" all over the globe. Wall art, murals, jewelry, etc. I have always been attracted to anything that moves me. I have to see a piece and have my heart weep in happiness. Harriet's jewelry does that for me. Her artistry is solid and beautiful. I would be proud to wear any of her pieces. You should be proud Harriet. Your artistry makes me smile~ "

— Randi Ansted-Guyer

"I can't think of you without smiling. You offer the experience of artistic revelation. Your customers enjoy the experience of being adorned when they meet the daily experiences of their lives. They smile when they put your jewelry on and smile broader when people admire your work. I have always been a fan of yours! Your new pieces are awesome! "

— Lynne Rubin

I love love love my rings. I like the diamond wedding band so much more now. They fit great!! You are so talented. Thanks so so much. I have you with me every day... on two hands, around my neck, and in my heart! "

— Tina Rotstein

" The necklace was a major hit! Thank you...thank you...thank you...she loved it!"

— Ann Okon

"Dear Harriet,
I purchased the amethyst cameo necklace after walking away and returning. I was with my Mom. I just had to tell you I love it! I have worn it everyday, actually haven't take it off. I am going to see what you have on line and add to my necklace, perhaps a bracelet or ring. It was so nice meeting you at the Fort Myers Art Fest this past Saturday. Thank you for being there with your beautiful work!"

— Susie Hendricks

" ...Whenever I wear one of your artistic pieces, comments abound and I am happy to share my relationship with the artist. It is truly a relationship when you share your work vision with us."

— Pat Foote

" I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how I found you! A very good friend of mine went to a dance retreat at the Berkshire Mountains and her girlfriend Denise VanBriggle had one of your pieces we all fell in love I want to thank you for bringing such spirit into my life when I look at your jewelry!!"

"Hello Harriet,
I am so happy that your note did not get lost in spam. I am delighted I made the decision to buy the coral piece and cannot wait to wear it. Your work is soul fulfilling. Be well. Be successful. Stay in touch. "

— Lynne Rubin

"The necklace turned out beautifully! I couldn’t have envisioned anything more perfect. The cameo means a great deal to me, and you have done her great honor. Thank you."

— Barbara

"...I was cleaning out my drawer and found the box with a post card with your website. This is the first time I've visited your website. WOW... Esp. the sculpture of the eternal sister.....and meditative sister. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for your beautiful artistry."

— Jayne

"We planned this photo shoot with our Harriet Forman Barrett jewelry without even telling each other! Everyone just showed up at my house & we had it on! Diana Formyduval and I have on our rings and necklaces and Alexis Fisher has on her new ring! Three generations showing off these amazing pieces of art! (The rest of the day wasn't too bad, either!)"

— Faith Formyduval

"Harriet – Just received the cameo – it is absolutely lovely! What a beautiful setting, and it really highlights the beauty of the piece itself – I will be wearing it often now – with great pride and joy – Thank you SO much!"

— Terry Williams

"The first of your pieces I picked out as a graduation gift from my grandmother in 1980 (I lived in Woodstock) My mother also had a piece later. When she died 10 years ago, we held the piece and passed it to my sister's daughter for her 16th birthday. My daughter was ver upset that her cousin got the piece, so for her 21st birthday, I have just purchased her a piece of her own (Lotus Woodstock) Thank you."

— Stephanie Berleth Khosla

"Just two days ago, a man outside of my coop market said, "Your necklace is beautiful. Is it Harriet Barrett's work?" So I had to write and tell you how happy I have been wearing your wonderful piece and how many compliments you get."

— Elaine Radiss

"I wanted you to know how thrilled I am with your artistry in redefining the remnants of my Naval Academy class ring...I am so pleased to be able to wear my new ring and thank you again for your sensitivity and willingness to work on this challenge with me. Every time I look at my ring I'll remember your role in making it happen."

— Larry Cavaiola

"As soon as I tried it on I knew what it really was: this necklace is an invitation. An invitation to be bold. And I knew what I must do: look the invitation square in the typeface, and respond with vigor. I’m no wallflower as it is but this necklace is a challenge—a challenge to be more daring. It is also permission to smash through all the CAN’Ts and reach for a YES. What an incredible gift."


"Feb 5, 2011 – Best art was a tossup between several artists. I liked the jewelry made by Harriet Forman-Barrett of New Paltz, New York. I also liked the bright ..."

—by Mike Miller

"i searched the whole mizner park art show for something special for my daughter. she is so picky and i never know what she will like. i saw your cameo ring and bought it for her for valentines day. she NEVER takes it off. It is gorgeous!!!"

—Robin Bertman Shapiro

"I simply adore the necklace you made and I purchased at the show. Wear it often and with such warm feelings. Saw Maureen Cavaiola last night and she was wearing the earrings you made. (And I was wearing the necklace). You have such a talent! Am glad Maureen introduced you! Am now a big fan!"

—Diane Evans


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